Travis Young

Consulting for Your Money, Your Work, Your Life

Travis Young

Travis has been a professional business/career consultant for more than twenty years. His clients have enjoyed remarkable success and growth in their professional and personal endeavors. Some of his clients kindly refer to Travis as their “Life Coach;” as the consulting/coaching process usually brings positive change to a person’s entire life experience.

Some clients have seen their income grow more than 5 times; and doubling or tripling of income is common. Travis’ clients also have:

  • Made career transitions from very difficult and unpleasant circumstances to much more satisfying jobs and company environments
  • Moved from uncertainty and confusion about career options to clarity, purpose and planning that leads to the next professional level
  • Began new entrepreneurial or business ventures and/or grown smaller enterprises into profitable and serious companies
  • Developed more assertive communication methods to become stronger, impactful and more respected leaders (which added skills in personal relationships, as well)
  • Worked to substantially lessen the strife and struggle of running a team, a department or a company; and much more!

How Travis Became a Consultant

Born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, Travis left for New York City in his early 20s to make a go in the business of professional acting. In supporting himself to pursue acting, he did temporary work in literally dozens of companies in a wide variety of industries over many years. Later, this would become invaluable in understanding work environments and systems in dozens of industries. This created the foundation of his expert awareness and knowledge of businesses, company practices and cultures in commercial and non-profit organizations.

As his knowledge, experience and insights into professional business and personal financial matters grew, so did his satisfaction of helping others look into what they could do to elevate their success. Focusing on his own personal growth and development added to his ability to understand and give feedback on the mental and emotional aspects of making positive changes and lasting improvements.

After years of professional acting (and the stress that comes with it) fell by the wayside, the positive impact of helping others became dominant in Travis’ activities and vital to his own prosperity. After 19+ years in NYC, he came to desire a less urban environment and did something prosperous (improved his quality of life) and returned to his Illinois roots.

Related Information

  • Travis’ practice was founded in New York City and built entirely through referrals. He now works nationally and internationally by teleconferences and other electronic means.
  • Has a unique focus on “genuine prosperity,” which includes an improved overall sense of well-being in addition to career and financial success.
  • Has been prominently featured on a Huffington Post (“Why I Need a Life Coach, and Why You Might To”)
  • Media guest on more than 100 radio/TV programs across the country and the subject of a dozen or more
    newspaper stories.
  • Author of Give Yourself a Raise: Common Sense Principles to Help You Think Act and Live More Abundantly (Active Edit Publishing, 1996), which details a number of his clients’ success stories and the principles he used to help them prosper.
  • Past and present clients come from all walks of life – from self-employed persons and business owners to senior managers and top tier executives. Attorneys, physicians, scientists, publishers (among many others) have used or still use, Travis’ services. Some of his senior corporate clients have worked or do work for:

Office of the Mayor of NYC
Marriott International
Michael J. Fox Foundation

The New York City Real Estate Board
KPMG International
Simon & Schuster
CBS National News
Goldman Sachs