Deal effectively with relationships at work, home, and navigating personal finances. Employ better principles, practices, and actions toward reducing stress and achieving goals.
Ease uncertainty, ambivalence and confusion with decision making and vital changes.

Six Solutions to Better Paths and Better Outcomes

Willingness to Do Things Differently

There are always situations and relationships with which we struggle. Are you ready to examine the beliefs that hold you back and the actions you take from those beliefs? Be open to try something new.

Boy In Bow With Volcano at Lake Atitlan, Photo by Eric Mencher

Shifting Your Image of Success

We cannot fix an inner problem through outer change alone. Our image of success will not resolve the amount of problems we face, even if we achieve more.

The Miracle of Moderation

Bombarded daily by messages of how so-called successful people get to the top, the majority of us try to ‘attack’ life, as though we were training for the Olympics. In truth, life is more like the Special Olympics, where we all have some handicaps but can reach glorious heights if we only shift the approach to how we do things.

Change through Perseverance

We all have blind spots that friends, family and even therapists cannot help us resolve. Working with someone who has been down the road with how lasting change works, is essential in traveling better paths to better outcomes.

Guidance and Grace

It is vital that we learn to rely on a sense of graceful connection with something more than our intellect and feelings to enjoy a gratifying day-to-day existence. Learn to connect to all the world’s wisdom and more serene living.